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June 20, 2013

Increase Your Social Reach With Email / Grow Your Email List With Social Media – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our conversation on email marketing and social media.  Last time, we discussed how to increase your social media reach with email.  In this post, I will be discussing how to grow your email list with your social media.  Please see Part 1 for my explanation on why you should be using an email marketing service like Constant Contact and not Outlook or other email providers for your newsletters.

Let’s acknowledge that all your social media fans and followers probably haven’t subscribed to your newsletter yet.  The good news is services like Constant Contact make it easy for you to add widgets, apps and links to your website, Facebook and other social media platforms.  In Constant Contact, you can go to “Contacts” and select the “Sign-up Tools” tab.  You will be able to select from website sign-up forms, installing a sign-up app on Facebook, creating a “Text-To-Sign-up” for mobile phones and, finally, the very cool custom QR code you can put on store signs and business cards that allows smartphone users to join your email list.  All of these options are free.

For this discussion, we will be selecting the “Install Facebook App.”  Once selected, you will be prompted to install the app on Facebook.  (Please note, you must be an admin of the Facebook page to add the app, and you should be logged in to Facebook.)  If you manage more than one Facebook page, you will select the page you would like the app installed on.  Once the app is installed, go to your Facebook page and make sure it is visible.  It could be hidden because Facebook only shows four tabs or apps. Your tabs are located under your cover photo.  Next to the last tab on the right, you will see a small down arrow…click on it to reveal the other apps.  You can simply rearrange the tabs by mousing over the app to reveal the settings option on the top right of the tab.  Then, just swap your new sign-up tab with one of the tabs on the top.

Now that the tab is installed, click on it to customize it.  You can add your logo and, if you have various email lists, you can offer the choice of which list to sign-up for.  Now your done, right?  No…now you have to get your fans to use this new feature.  I suggest you go ahead an make a post inviting your fans to sign-up.  Be sure to give them a couple of reasons why they should sign-up.  The great thing is you don’t have to giveaway the store…reasons to sign-up don’t have to be monetary.  For example, if you’re a bakery, you could say, “Sign-up for our newsletter right here on Facebook to receive our latest news, how-to’s and baking tips!”  Remember, most of your fans will view your post on their newsfeed.  So, be sure to include the link to the app.  You can find the link url by clicking on the link and copying the link from your browser.  This link may be a little long, so you may want to shorten it by using google’s url shortener.  Now, paste the link into your post and you are good to go!

Over time you will start to see your email list grow as fans discover and use your sign-up form.  Remember to remind them about your form each time you send out a newsletter, and let them know what they are missing by not signing up.

Whenever you send out an email you will want to include the share buttons which allow email recipients to share your newsletter on the their favorite social media platform.  This is why it is also very important to include a “Join Our Email” link in each of your newsletters.

I hope this tips have been helpful. Best of luck marketing your newsletter with social media.