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April 2, 2013

Increase Your Social Reach With Email / Grow Your Email List With Social Media – Part 1

I know it’s a long title; but, when you combine email and social media, you get one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing combinations for business I know of.

Your business may be using one or the other or maybe you are using both email and social media.  However, to really be effective you need to combine them.  If you are having trouble growing your social media, make sure everyone using your company email includes the company’s social media links in their email signature.  This could place your social media links in front of hundreds or thousands of people each month.  If you currently aren’t using an email marketing service like Constant Contact, Vertical Response or MailChimp, I would recommend you look into it.  That being said, let me disclose that I’m a Solution Provider and Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact, so I will be discussing Constant Contact features in this article.

You may be asking yourself…why do I need an email marketing service?  Can’t I just use my Outlook account to market my business?  Well, let me ask…can you track who opens your emails, who clicks on a link, or who has forwarded or shared your email with a friend?  To sum it up:  measurable results and tracking are the key reasons to use an email marketing service.  After all, don’t you want results you can measure?  Plus, services like Constant Contact have hundreds of templates you can customize  to brand your emails, easily add photos, create coupons, manage several email lists and more.  You can’t do this with Outlook, Gmail or other email providers.  So, if you want to get serious about your online marketing, look into using an email marketing service.

Now that you’ve selected an email service, here is how you can grow your social media presence.  First, create an invitation and invite your contacts to follow and like your business sites.  Be sure to make it simple for them by including your social media links.  Your next step should be to create a good offer for your email readers and then make an exclusive offer, if they like your Facebook page.  You can do this very simply with Constant Contact’s Social Campaigns which will hide the exclusive offer until they like the Facebook page.  Once it is revealed, they can print out the offer to redeem in-store or online.  I’ve worked with accounts that have used this technique and have been very successful increasing the likes to their Facebook page.  Please remember that you should use this technique sparingly and the offer should be of real value.

Next time, we will cover how you can grow your email list using social media.


January 20, 2013

Promoting Posts On Facebook!

If you have more than 100 “Likes” on your business Facebook page, you may have noticed that recently a new button has appeared next to the post button that says, “Promote.”   You may be wondering “What it’s for?  And, why should I use it?”

Let me answer those questions in reverse order.  First, why should I use it?  The answer is pretty simple, to reach more of your fans.  Wait a minute!  Don’t you reach all your fans with each post?  The answer to that question is NO!  Facebook limits who sees your post by who has interacted with you in the past.  If your posts are receiving “Likes,” “Shares” and “Comments” regularly, then you could be reaching up to 25% of fans.  If you post once a week or less, very seldom post pictures or videos and have very little fan interaction, then your posts may be displayed to 10% or less of your fans.  It’s easy to see how many people have seen a post if you are the admin.  Just look at the bottom left corner of the post to see that number.  If you fall into the latter category of only posting once a week or less and are not using photos or videos in your posts, I would suggest you change your habits before considering promoting your posts.

Now that you know you aren’t reaching 100% of your fans with each post, the reason for the button makes a little more sense.  For as little as five dollars you can greatly increase the number of “Likes,” “Shares” and “Comments” you receive.  Keep in mind you don’t need to promote every post.

When selecting to promote a post, you will be asked if you would like to promote to “People that like your page” or “People who like your page and their friends.”  At first you would think “Of course I want to promote to people who like my page and their friends.”  Just keep in mind, if your business is limited to a defined geographic area, you may end up with likes from outside your area of business.  While it’s nice to have more likes, it is more important you have likes from fans that will engage with your page.  There is a good chance that people that like your page outside of your geographic area may not engage with your page and, therefore, actually hurt the overall percentage of fans that Facebook displays your posts to.

Give the “Promote” feature a try.  I think you will be please. 

April 21, 2011

Did I Fall Off The Face Of The Earth?

Well the answer is no.

But in the blog world the answer is yes!

Man have I been busy. Now that is a good thing but my blogging has had to suffer.

Please stay tuned a promise a new blog very soon.

January 16, 2011

Quick Post

Okay! It’s been sometime since I made a post and I know this won’t be much of one, but please look under the Youtube section if you would like to get a quick snapshot of social media and how it can work for business. I just added several videos and I really think y0u will enjoy them. Also I will be adding a discussion group to my LinkedIn profile. The topics will be all about social media. I hope you get linkedin  with me.