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October 21, 2013

When Is The Best Time To Post On Facebook?

This is one of the most common questions I’m asked when discussing the use of Facebook to promote a business. In the past, I would have shared the wisdom I had gained through trial and error and by reading dozens of articles on the subject. The frustrating part to this equation was that some articles would say that their studies showed posting between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm was best. While just a few months earlier the article suggested that posts made in the morning were best. WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?
Well, now thanks to Facebook’s new and improved Insights, there is actual data on when your customers are most likely to be on Facebook. If you have never used Insights, now is the time! There is more data than ever, and now you can actually see when your Fans are online

When Your Fans Are Online
1) Insights is just above your Cover Photo – Click on “See All”
2) Click on the “Post” tab
3) Click on “When Your Fans Are Online”

I think you may be surprised to see when your fans are really online. In the screen capture below you will see that on Friday (blue line) most of my fans are online between noon and 11:00 pm. Yes, there is a little drop in activit
y between 6:00-9:00 pm, but it’s not enough to worry about. (FYI…the shaded area is the average for the whole week.)


How to use Insights

If you’ve never given much thought to when you make your posts, this new data may help to change your mind. Especially when you consider that the average life of a post is less than a couple of hours and most interactions will come in the first hour.
Good luck and happy posting!

March 8, 2012

Social SEO In 2012

Last night I attended the monthly Atlanta Bloggers MeetUp.  The title of the presentation was What SEO Looks Like In 2012.  I know some of you may think “SEO, how boring” or “SEO, it’s just a bag of tricks the experts use to get their clients on the first page of Google.”  In the past, I would have agreed with you.  But, over the past couple of years, Google has constantly changed the way they rank pages.

Google has remained the #1 search engine because they work every day to analyze what is important to people searching for information on the internet.  In the past, a website provided that information through meta tags, which are keywords that describe what the website was about.  On the surface, that seems to make a lot of sense.  But, let me interject, spammers and CEO’s will do just about anything to get their websites on the first page of Google.  This pressure to be on the first page of results caused some bad practices like using keywords such as Lady Gaga or Kim Kardashian in their meta tags to trick search engines into thinking their website is important and relevant.  And yes, it is sad to say that Lady Gaga and Kim Kardasian are relevant…start typing their names into Google and by the third or fourth letter Google has served up their complete names in the search field.

So, how are search engines like Google now ranking web pages?   Well, the first thing they did was to stop trusting web designers with their coding of meta tag keywords.  Search engines are now looking at the whole website and analyzing it very closely for original content and they look at how often that content changes.  If your website is full of good content that is new and fresh, and the information also matches what is in your meta tags, you will be ranked higher.  Just a quick warning…don’t think you can simply copy and paste new content from another web source to create content on your page.  The search engines see that as plagiarism, and you will receive a lower ranking.

How is “Social” playing into SEO?  One of the best ways to create new content on an on-going basis is to create a blog on your website or, better yet, a separate blog for search engines to reference that is tied back to your website.  Another way would be to build a relevant community on Facebook and Twitter.  Yes, what you say on Facebook and Twitter does matter; not only for your brand, but also as digital footprint that the search engines understand.  None of this happens overnight; and as I said earlier, there is no longer an SEO “Bag of Tricks”…there are now just SEO “Best Practices.” Remember content is King!

I would like to thank Jenny Munn for presentation last night.

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