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September 5, 2014

Let’s Be Careful Out There

This was one of my favorite lines from the 70’s police show, Hill Street Blues. In every episode, they would use this tagline at the morning roll call. I thought it would be a fitting title to use, in light of celebrity photos being hacked and Home Depot’s data breach. You have to be careful with your information on the internet. This brings me to my real subject, 3rd party cloning of personal Facebook pages.

I know I normally write about business pages on Facebook; but, the two are related since your business page is tied to your personal page. Let me explain how this cloning works. Let’s say John Doe has a Facebook page and the url is All someone has to do to create a cloned Facebook page is grab some images from John Doe’s page and then select the same url and add a number to the end. Here is how the new url would look  Pretty simple, right?

Here comes the really bad part. That person now has a page that, on the surface, looks like John Doe’s. Now they can start sending out “Friend Requests” to all John’s friends. Guess what? 90+% of his friends will accept this request with question because they feel like it is coming from a trusted source. Many will accept the request first and then ask why he has started a new page. The response will be something along the lines of they got a virus on their other page (which actually makes no sense.) I’m sure their lies will get better.

So, now you may be wondering, why would someone do this? Well, it’s part of an internet scam. Shortly after you accept the friend request, you will receive a message from the impostor. It will be a little small talk at first; but, when he gets a chance, he will start to tell you about the new government internet plan. It’s a scam…don’t buy it! (Click Image of Facebook Chat)Be Careful Out There  Image 2

Please note the person who has been cloned can’t see the page because they have been blocked from the page by the impostor. As friends start to question the imposter, they may be blocked also. People who are blocked can’t report the site for stolen identity.

So What Can You Do?

  • Check your security settings so that images and other important facts about you are hidden and only visible to friends.
  • Be careful who you accept “Friend Requests” from, even if you know them and especially if you are already friends with them on Facebook.
  • If your page gets cloned, let all your friends know as soon as possible and post a warning on your page.
  • Since you are blocked from the impostor’s page, you are unable to use the “…” tab to notify Facebook that your identity has been stolen. You will have to click on the down arrow on the top right of your page and then click “Help.” At the bottom of that menu, select “Report A Problem” or “Report A Violation.”
  • If you can get a friend to take a screen shot of the scam like the one above, you can attach it when you report the cloned page.
  • Also be sure to include the url of the cloned page.

I certainly hope this doesn’t happen to you, and remember “Let’s be careful out there.”


April 4, 2014

Are You Frustrated With Facebook?

Have you noticed you are getting less and less response to posts you make on your Facebook business page?  Well, I just want you to know that it’s not you…it’s Facebook.  I’m hearing reports that Facebook is only showing posts to one or two percent oImagef pages fans.  (I can’t verify this myself; but, I have read it in several blogs.)

I know this can be discouraging since you’ve invested your time, or as I like to call it your “social currency,” doing all the right things like posting several times a week, making sure you have a good mix of topics and asking your fans plenty of questions.  But, let’s be fair, Facebook employs over 6,000 and those people need to get paid.  Think of it this way, when your local TV or radio station first went on the air, did they offer free advertising to their clients for four years?  I don’t think so!

Enough of the negative…let’s think positive. This is going to clear out a bunch of businesses that were just on Facebook because someone told them it would be good for their business and it’s free.  These are the same businesses that make every post all about them and never really bothered to engage their fans.  That properly describes about half of the small businesses on Facebook.  That’s great news! And, they won’t be missed.

So, what do the rest of us do?  Well, for the past two and a half years, I’ve been buying ads on Facebook. Many of the accounts I work with hadn’t gotten a new like in months.  Shortly after I started an ad campaign for them, the likes started flowing in.  Facebook ads really work!  And Facebook lets you track everything, so that you can quickly fine tune your ad campaign.  I recommend checking Facebook Insights often and checking the quality of the people liking your page.  This may take a little time, but you can fine tune your results to hit your target audience.  Remember, like everything on social media, it’s about the quality and not the quantity.

You can run your campaigns right from your page using “Promote Page” or “Boost Post.”  But, I prefer to use the Ad Manager because you have more features and more control over who sees your ad or boosted post.  The best news is that it is all very affordable.  Big companies will continue to pay large amounts to reach their national or world market while small businesses can also participate on a local level.  When you try it I would love to hear about your results.  You can reach me via email at

Good luck everyone!

January 14, 2014

How to Engage Your Customers on Social Media

The rules for marketing have changed.  When it comes to engaging your customers on social media, keep your sales messages to a minimum.  Social media isn’t advertising.  When engaging, remember the 80/20 rule.  Make sure that 80% of your posts give your readers information they want and need.  The other 20% of the conversation can be about your business, products and services.  Remember to give good information about your business, not a sales message.  People do business with people they know, like and trust.  This can take a little time; but, it is time well spent and can pay off big when your customers start sharing your posts with their families and friends.  Just a couple of shares could double or triple the reach of your current fan base.

Share Like Cupcakes

Yummy way to get more engagement.

If you’re a bakery, dessert shop or dessert food truck.  Here’s a way to show your product and engage your customers without a sales message! Think about how you can adapt this message to your business.

When engaging your customers, be a problem solver.  Offer tips and advice to everyday problems they may be experiencing.  Social media levels the playing field; and as a business owner, you have a big advantage over large corporations.  You can be authentic!  Large corporations have to hire a spokesperson or create characters like Coca Cola’s polar bears or Chick-fil-A’s cows; but you, on the other hand, speak with an authentic voice, and that’s why your customers opt to receive your message. Don’t disappoint them!  Post regularly and have fun.

Ask questions.  After all, this is a conversation.  If you do all the talking, you aren’t being very social. Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation.  By asking questions, you will learn more about your customers and learn what interests them.  This can help you when making future posts.

Mix it up.  Share links to relevant material, post photos, videos, testimonials and quotes from industry leaders.  Show your fans and followers love by creating custom content that is exclusively for them. This exclusive content doesn’t have to be a discount or a contest.  It can be as simple as letting your fans and followers be the first know about your latest creation!  Always entertain and educate.

Finally, monitor your posts and duplicate what works.  If a post gets a lot of likes, comments, shares or re-tweets take note and rework it and reuse it.

Let’s stay in touch. Follow me on Facebook  at or on Twitter @LordSocialMedia.

October 21, 2013

When Is The Best Time To Post On Facebook?

This is one of the most common questions I’m asked when discussing the use of Facebook to promote a business. In the past, I would have shared the wisdom I had gained through trial and error and by reading dozens of articles on the subject. The frustrating part to this equation was that some articles would say that their studies showed posting between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm was best. While just a few months earlier the article suggested that posts made in the morning were best. WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?
Well, now thanks to Facebook’s new and improved Insights, there is actual data on when your customers are most likely to be on Facebook. If you have never used Insights, now is the time! There is more data than ever, and now you can actually see when your Fans are online

When Your Fans Are Online
1) Insights is just above your Cover Photo – Click on “See All”
2) Click on the “Post” tab
3) Click on “When Your Fans Are Online”

I think you may be surprised to see when your fans are really online. In the screen capture below you will see that on Friday (blue line) most of my fans are online between noon and 11:00 pm. Yes, there is a little drop in activit
y between 6:00-9:00 pm, but it’s not enough to worry about. (FYI…the shaded area is the average for the whole week.)


How to use Insights

If you’ve never given much thought to when you make your posts, this new data may help to change your mind. Especially when you consider that the average life of a post is less than a couple of hours and most interactions will come in the first hour.
Good luck and happy posting!

June 20, 2013

Increase Your Social Reach With Email / Grow Your Email List With Social Media – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our conversation on email marketing and social media.  Last time, we discussed how to increase your social media reach with email.  In this post, I will be discussing how to grow your email list with your social media.  Please see Part 1 for my explanation on why you should be using an email marketing service like Constant Contact and not Outlook or other email providers for your newsletters.

Let’s acknowledge that all your social media fans and followers probably haven’t subscribed to your newsletter yet.  The good news is services like Constant Contact make it easy for you to add widgets, apps and links to your website, Facebook and other social media platforms.  In Constant Contact, you can go to “Contacts” and select the “Sign-up Tools” tab.  You will be able to select from website sign-up forms, installing a sign-up app on Facebook, creating a “Text-To-Sign-up” for mobile phones and, finally, the very cool custom QR code you can put on store signs and business cards that allows smartphone users to join your email list.  All of these options are free.

For this discussion, we will be selecting the “Install Facebook App.”  Once selected, you will be prompted to install the app on Facebook.  (Please note, you must be an admin of the Facebook page to add the app, and you should be logged in to Facebook.)  If you manage more than one Facebook page, you will select the page you would like the app installed on.  Once the app is installed, go to your Facebook page and make sure it is visible.  It could be hidden because Facebook only shows four tabs or apps. Your tabs are located under your cover photo.  Next to the last tab on the right, you will see a small down arrow…click on it to reveal the other apps.  You can simply rearrange the tabs by mousing over the app to reveal the settings option on the top right of the tab.  Then, just swap your new sign-up tab with one of the tabs on the top.

Now that the tab is installed, click on it to customize it.  You can add your logo and, if you have various email lists, you can offer the choice of which list to sign-up for.  Now your done, right?  No…now you have to get your fans to use this new feature.  I suggest you go ahead an make a post inviting your fans to sign-up.  Be sure to give them a couple of reasons why they should sign-up.  The great thing is you don’t have to giveaway the store…reasons to sign-up don’t have to be monetary.  For example, if you’re a bakery, you could say, “Sign-up for our newsletter right here on Facebook to receive our latest news, how-to’s and baking tips!”  Remember, most of your fans will view your post on their newsfeed.  So, be sure to include the link to the app.  You can find the link url by clicking on the link and copying the link from your browser.  This link may be a little long, so you may want to shorten it by using google’s url shortener.  Now, paste the link into your post and you are good to go!

Over time you will start to see your email list grow as fans discover and use your sign-up form.  Remember to remind them about your form each time you send out a newsletter, and let them know what they are missing by not signing up.

Whenever you send out an email you will want to include the share buttons which allow email recipients to share your newsletter on the their favorite social media platform.  This is why it is also very important to include a “Join Our Email” link in each of your newsletters.

I hope this tips have been helpful. Best of luck marketing your newsletter with social media.

October 24, 2011

Who’s Your Social Media Expert?

Well honestly, you have a several choices when it comes to who handles your company’s social media. You can manage it in-house, hire additional staff, hand it over to your Marketing Department or you can out-source it to a company like mine. But for the purpose of this blog, I want to discuss the first option…managing your social media in-house.

You would be amazed how many times I’m told by an owner of a company that they have their social media bases covered. But after a little questioning, it turns out that their social media expert is their receptionist, intern, spouse, son or daughter. After all, anyone can make a Facebook post or write a tweet, right? Now don’t get me wrong, their son or daughter may be a wiz at social media; but, most likely, all they are doing is making posts without any real strategy. Even worse, they may be making some very common social media faux pas. I wish I had a dollar every time one of these so-called experts proudly tells me “Social media is piece of cake.” All they have to do is make a post on Facebook and it will post on Twitter for them. The only thing that is worse is having their Twitter account linked to their Facebook. Please don’t link your accounts. People on Facebook don’t talk the same way as people on Twitter and vice versa. Each social media platform has its own tone, please respect it. And to link your Twitter to your Facebook could damage your relationship with your Facebook fans, if your are posting multiple times a day. Your fans would see your posts as spam and hide you.

Another common mistake I see is no attempt at interaction. It is just post after post of daily or weekly specials. Please, if your going to use social media, BE SOCIAL.

Finally, whatever you do, don’t take an industry RSS feed and link it to your Twitter account. It’s lazy and it just doesn’t work. Today I saw an audiologist’s Twitter feed that has some good information for the hearing-impaired. It also had tweets about congressional hearings and a drunk driver hearing in Florida. This audiologist followed an audiology account that I handle on Twitter. But guess what? I didn’t follow them back because they have nothing to add to the conversation.

Below are some questions you should consider when talking with your social media expert.

1) Have they set-up a custom Welcome Page on Facebook?

2) If you use email marketing, have they made it easy for your Facebook fans and Twitter followers to sign-up for your newsletter?

3) Have they reserved your custom URL on Facebook?

4) Have they created any custom graphics for your Facebook or Twitter accounts?

5) Have they created any custom Facebook apps or run any Facebook polls?

6) When someone makes a comment on Facebook or Twitter, do they respond back or is it a one-way conversation?

7) Do they ask your Fans and Followers questions?

8) What is their social media strategy?

August 28, 2011

Grill Company Gets Facebook?

It seems that more and more businesses are creating Facebook pages, and most are created for all the wrong reasons.  Many business owners have heard of other companies who have created a Facebook page and their failing business is now an internet success story.  Well, I’m not saying that hasn’t happened; however, that’s not the reason to create a business Facebook page.

You should create a business Facebook page not only because you have something to say to customers; but more importantly, because you want to communicate with your customers…that means you have an actual conversation.

Recently, I bought a new gas grill.  Sadly, the instruction manual was lacking when it came to using the pizza stone that came with the grill.  I burned my first pizza.  So, I went online to see if I might find better instructions.  Well, the website wasn’t much better, so I visited their Facebook page.  I asked what I had done wrong.  I was very happy when I got my question answered with some very easy-to-follow instructions.  This company is doing a couple of things right.  First, they are using their Facebook page to supplement their website.  Second, and most importantly, they are paying attention to what their customers are saying.

How does that make them money?  After all, it’s really nice of them to pay someone to answer customers’ questions, but what are they getting out of having a business Facebook page?  Well, how about new products to sell?  That’s right!  Their customers have turned into their research and development team.  The same folks that loved their grills were also asking why they didn’t have a custom grill cover.  Guess what?  About a month after I bought my grill, they announced they would have a custom cover soon.  It is available now and was well worth the wait!  The design is awesome…zippers in the right place, so you can get to the storage compartments without removing the whole cover.

Now I could stop there, but I want you to think for just a moment.  What else is this grill company getting from their Facebook page?   Yes, brand loyalty; but what else?  How about this?  The strongest selling tool any marketer would kill for…word of mouth.  That’s right!  Their 19k-plus fans are saying great things about all their products…and because almost 80% of shoppers check out social media sites before making a purchasing decision, this company’s customers positive comments are more effective than any paid spokesman or traditional advertising the company may use.  Let’s face it, we trust our friends and people do business with companies they know, like and trust.