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February 1, 2012

How Long Does It Take For Social Media To Work? Yes!

All I can say is, the answer is YES!  If you are consistent with your message, you will succeed.  How long will that take?  I can’t say.  I know you hear stories everyday about exceptions to the rule…someone makes a post and it goes viral.  Who knows…that could happen to you; but, let me say, there are millions that feel the same way.  You tell me…who is right?  I will say “Yes!”

What does that mean?  Well, you can succeed with your social media message as long as you are consistent and as long as you stick with it.  Most businesses give up between 60-90 days; but, if you stick it out, you will see results.

I wish I could say it would only take 90 days or 180 days; but, the truth is…there is no way to know when your message will hit critical mass.  However, if you are consistent, you will see results.

Will your phone ring off the hook?  Hopefully, it will.  Will search engines see you as more relevant? Yes, definitely!  As you create more relevant content, search engines will find your business and you will become the expert in your field.

Stay positive and stay consistent!  Oh…and stick with it!!!