Who’s Your Social Media Expert?

Well honestly, you have a several choices when it comes to who handles your company’s social media. You can manage it in-house, hire additional staff, hand it over to your Marketing Department or you can out-source it to a company like mine. But for the purpose of this blog, I want to discuss the first option…managing your social media in-house.

You would be amazed how many times I’m told by an owner of a company that they have their social media bases covered. But after a little questioning, it turns out that their social media expert is their receptionist, intern, spouse, son or daughter. After all, anyone can make a Facebook post or write a tweet, right? Now don’t get me wrong, their son or daughter may be a wiz at social media; but, most likely, all they are doing is making posts without any real strategy. Even worse, they may be making some very common social media faux pas. I wish I had a dollar every time one of these so-called experts proudly tells me “Social media is piece of cake.” All they have to do is make a post on Facebook and it will post on Twitter for them. The only thing that is worse is having their Twitter account linked to their Facebook. Please don’t link your accounts. People on Facebook don’t talk the same way as people on Twitter and vice versa. Each social media platform has its own tone, please respect it. And to link your Twitter to your Facebook could damage your relationship with your Facebook fans, if your are posting multiple times a day. Your fans would see your posts as spam and hide you.

Another common mistake I see is no attempt at interaction. It is just post after post of daily or weekly specials. Please, if your going to use social media, BE SOCIAL.

Finally, whatever you do, don’t take an industry RSS feed and link it to your Twitter account. It’s lazy and it just doesn’t work. Today I saw an audiologist’s Twitter feed that has some good information for the hearing-impaired. It also had tweets about congressional hearings and a drunk driver hearing in Florida. This audiologist followed an audiology account that I handle on Twitter. But guess what? I didn’t follow them back because they have nothing to add to the conversation.

Below are some questions you should consider when talking with your social media expert.

1) Have they set-up a custom Welcome Page on Facebook?

2) If you use email marketing, have they made it easy for your Facebook fans and Twitter followers to sign-up for your newsletter?

3) Have they reserved your custom URL on Facebook?

4) Have they created any custom graphics for your Facebook or Twitter accounts?

5) Have they created any custom Facebook apps or run any Facebook polls?

6) When someone makes a comment on Facebook or Twitter, do they respond back or is it a one-way conversation?

7) Do they ask your Fans and Followers questions?

8) What is their social media strategy?

One Comment to “Who’s Your Social Media Expert?”

  1. Nice post.

    I’ve been having similar conversations with a few people lately; just because someone knows how to retweet something on Twitter or post a Facebook status doesn’t necessarily mean they’re best equipped to successfully manage social media on behalf of their business.

    That’s not to say you always need to run out and hire a third-party expert on the matter, but I’ve seen plenty people run out and set up a Facebook page for their business because “everybody else is doing it and it’s free and easy” then struggle to run that page successfully.

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