A Little Homework

I have to share with you a podcast I have discovered. It’s called The Digital Marketer’s Quick and Dirty Tips. Which is a great description of the show. In a matter of a few minutes you get some great tips on how to use social media and the internet to grow your business.  Aliza Sherman has over 90 episodes to enjoy. I’ve been through 40 already and even thought some of the shows are from last year they are still full of great information. And they are FREE.

Well I titled this post “A Little Homework” because if your are trying to grow your business online you need to start listening to this series. If you have a short commute you could listen to three or four episodes each way. I squeeze in eight to ten each way.  One word of caution these podcast are addicting. I’ve listened to 4o so far but I think I’ve listened to most of them more than once.

So your homework is to start listening and to tell me which are you favorite top five episodes.

Follow this link to iTunes podcast.


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