Why should you do content marketing?

Maybe you should ask yourself first…

Do I have something to say that my customers need to know?
Can I learn anything from my customers?
Do you want to engage your customers?
Do you want your customers to view you as a reliable source for information?

You should have answered YES to all of the above. If you answered NO to any of these basic questions you need to rethink your marketing strategies.

Let me tell you why…

The rules for marketing are changing and they are changing fast. Large companies that have had the edge for years because they can spend millions on marketing are starting to loose market share. They are now competing with more and more small- to medium-sized businesses that don’t have a big marketing budgets.  But these smaller companies are spending every cent they have to engage their customers by providing them with information they are looking for. The ROI for creative and informational websites, blogs with engaging content and email campaigns that are relevant to the recipients can blow away more traditional forms of advertising.  Why you may ask?  Well think about it.  Traditional forms of advertising are interrupters. That is they break the flow of whatever you are reading, watching or listening to. The old rule of thumb was you need to get your message heard three time before it could be understood. So you have to repeat your message over and over because your potential customer tunes you out or flips the page.  But what if your customers came looking for you, because they see you as an expert.  Not only because you give them relevant information (traditional media did that) but because you actually engage the customer.  The customers tell you what they are thinking and you listen.  This allows you to adjust quicker to the changing market.  Thanks to Google and other search engines customers are searching and finding companies that provide the content they are looking for.  Now here is one of the keys to content marketing.  When someone finds a great source for information on the web, they love to share it with their friends.

78% of consumers trust peer recommendations compared to only 14% who trust advertisements.

In short, can you really afford not to engage in content marketing?

Be sure to check out the collection YouTube videos.

Next time… How to use content marketing?


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